ENG 203 RCBL Course

RCBL Training Course

Cement Integrity Logging measures the bond between the casing and the cement pumped in the annulus between the casing and the wellbore. Isolation between reservoir layers is essential to  avoid potential reservoir problems such as crossflow between reservoir zones behind the casing.  The detection of poor cement, or the absence of cement, can lead to remedial action before the   well is completed, avoiding potential well problems and the associated costs.

Upon completion of class, you will be trained on:

  • Well Cementing Fundamentals
  • Theory & Interpretation
  • Quality Control
  • Tool Set up (Probe and TekCo)
  • Real Well Logging Experience Recalculation


  • Evaluation of Cement bond to casing
  • Evaluation of Cement to formation coupling
  • Determination of Zone isolation
  • Location of cement top and free pipe
  • Cement channels using Radii™ receivers
  • Stuck Pipe Evaluation

Must have experience running wireline truck using Warrior

3 Day Course  

Includes 3 day stay at the Holiday Inn in Floresville, Tx starting Wednesday and ending Friday. All meals and transportation will be provided.

If flying in, airport transportation will be provided.

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