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Top Gun Oilfield Training Center was established in 2016.

Top Gun’s founding partners, Russell Smith and Zack Maxey were dedicated to building a solid foundation for the partnership based on its core principles of: Faith, Safety, Honor, Education, and Excellence.

Top Gun Oilfield Training’s is striving for excellence in the e-Line Industry through proven operational procedures and safety practices. We believe all students that come through our doors will be equipped to excel in this fast paced industry we call Wireline!!

Supervisor/Pumpdown Class


Career Courses

Let us help you advance your career in the wireline industry!

Safety Certifications

Safety first! It’s no joke. See all certifications provided at Top Gun.

What Students Think of Top Gun!!

  • I had the great experience of going through the Wireline Supervisor Training Course offered by Russell and came away impressed (as well as considerably more knowledgeable) There was a ton information received throughout the 10 days, mostly in a classroom setting, as we went over explosive safety procedures, Warrior 7.0/8.0, Titan ControlFire software, and other information that would be pertinent to our duties in this aspect of wireline. Going back to Warrior training, there was a lot of information to absorb initially; however, having the ability to tie in what was learned in classroom, with multiple days in the logger on a test well was the key to taking what was learned and applying it in a practical manner.

    I conclude this by saying Russell was great to work with, and I highly recommend his training!
    Edmund Dean Nlemadim
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